Introducing: Shapes in Play!

As a co-founder i introduce to you our new Berlin based Designe office: Shapes in Play


All future updates will be postet ther:


infObjects / infObjekte

infObjects (or german: infObjekte) are objects for visualisation within the field of food.
Various dishes have been examined carefully in respect to content of energy, CO₂ equivalent and their price.
On basis of their ingredients the analysed data of each dish is transformed into tableware objects.


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Soundplotter and Cloudspeaker @ Disseny Hub Barcelona

From 15.06.2010 till 29.05.2011 our Projects Soundplotter and Cloudspeaker are on display at the FABRICATION LABORATORY exhibition at Disseny Hub Barcelona.
I think it's going to be a very exiting exhibition with many very different projects!
So if you are in town take come and have a look!

Cloudspeaker: how it works, a small video

We made a small video to explain Cloudspeakers a little bit.

cloudspeaker; how it works from johannes tsopanides on Vimeo.


What would your music taste look like as an object? Cloudspeaker is a conceptual work to create loudspeakers that reflect the music taste of their owner via 3d printing.
Nowadays listening to music over the computer is common. Information on what kind of music you like can be saved, evaluated and summed up in tags. Our concept uses this information and shapes it into your individualised loudspeaker.

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Exorbit is a ventilator, produced with Rapid Prototyping, that by means of the technology surpasses your expectations of what a conventional ventilator should look like. Neither are the rotors the striking element nor does the object turn itself around its axis. The context of form and function has been radically reinterpreted. Can a net make wind? Does a rotating body have to turn around the centre?

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Experimental design via sound input.
No matter if you want to scream, sing or simply leave a quiet note the Soundplotter as an interactive concept translates sounds into a three dimensional object. Via the programming language `Processing´ the volume of a sound can change the size of a body in real time. At a high volume the object gets bigger.

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